Growermetal is able to carry out the mechanical zinc plating in a new and modern plant as an internal process and also on behalf of a third party. The mechanical zinc plating is an anticorrosive coating free of hydrogen embrittlement risks obtained by a low energy consumption. Growermetal uses exclusively original MacDermid® chemicals, which have been studied on purpose to get a high-quality and high-performance coating.

Why choosing the mechanical zinc plating?


There are several considerations in the choice of a correct surface treatment, here you will find 9 good reasons for deciding on Growermetal’s mechanical zinc plating:

  • Absence of embrittlement risks of the pieces due to the presence of hydrogen;
  • Absence of sticking pieces after plating;
  • Excellent Adhesion and controlled uniformity of coating thickness;
  • No risks of modification of the hardness during the process (no detempering);
  • Excellent corrosion protection;
  • Excellent electrical conductivity;
  • Environmentally friendly process;
  • Several post-plate treatments (passivations and sealers);
  • Excellent overall appearance.


The process

Growermetal carries out mechanical zinc plating as an internal process for its own products and also on behalf of a third party.