Grower Twin-Lock®


February 2011


Vibrations are not a problem anymore!


Grower Twin-Lock® securing system of Growermetal ensures the best locking performances in presence of vibrations or dynamic loads.


The exceptional securing performance of Grower Twin-Lock® system is guaranteed by the following technical features:


– the angle of inclination α of the washer cam is larger than pitch β of the screw thread;


– the coefficient of friction of the outside knurled surface of the washer is much higher than the coefficient of friction of the cam surface;


– the hardness of Grower Twin-Lock® washers is higher than the strength of all classes of bolt/nut (8.8, 10.9 and 12.9) and the mating surface;


– the cam system allows to get a higher force of the screw in presence of vibrations.


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