New coating line for zinc flake surface treatments DELTA-PROTEKT® and DELTA-TONE®






March 2016



Growermetal has installed a new and fully automatic coating line which carries out zinc flake treatments at a high productivity level.
The coating line has been specifically designed and constructed for carrying out surface coatings on washers, in order to achieve the best results, both form an aesthetical point of view and in performance.


Thanks to this investment, Growermetal is able to offer the proper products with in-house zinc flake coatings to guarantee its customers maximum flexibility and speed of accomplishment.


Growermetal uses exclusively original Dörken products which ensure high-quality and high-performance coatings, by providing a choice of different solutions of base coats ( e.g. range of DELTA-PROTEKT® /  DELTA-TONE ®) and top coats ( e.g.DELTA-PROTEKT® VH range).


Working process:

The application is carried out through immersion, centrifugation followed by polymerisation.
Its excellent corrosion resistance is achieved by the mechanisms of cathodic protection , wall-effect generated by the flakes of zinc and aluminium and the reaction of the binders with the base metal.


Main features of Growmetal’s zinc flake coatings:


  • High cathodic protection level against corrosion
  • Extremely thin and uniform surface layer thickness (8-12 µm)
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High resistance against chemical products
  • No presence of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Maintains electric conductivity of the material
  • Possibility to modify the friction coefficient
  • Respect of the mechanic characteristics of the base material
  • Cr6 free – RoHs/ELV and Reach compliant