Our Mission

Production and sales, at competitive prices, of high quality washers and stamped parts to guarantee secure bolted joint connections. Promotion of a faithful business relationship between our Company and the customer.

Presenting excellent products and services to cope with strong competition is a “must”, but the goal is complete customer satisfaction.


Our Vision

  • Supply the Customer with excellent products and services by using the latest technology available;
  • Send prompt feed-back to Customer’s needs and develop a long lasting cooperative relationship;
  • Work within a total Quality-oriented system;
  • Establish long lasting partnerships with suppliers;
  • Safeguard and protection of internal and external environment is the aim for “sustainable development “ of the business activity.


Our Values

Our Mission and our Vision the sharing of values which guide Growermetal’ s activities and establish the basis of our operating approach, where people represent the main and constant focus of our actions.

  • Respect: of colleagues, Customers and suppliers. Concern for the environment, respect of the rules, regard to the job and to the safety at work.
  • Responsibility: to be responsible for one’s actions whether as an individual or as a company. Invest time, money and resources in the most efficient way.
  • Innovation: of the product, of technology, of production systems, of organization and management. Being innovative provides a better future.
  • Communication: establish with Customers and suppliers long lasting and constructive relationships. Reliable relationships contribute to create a better working environment and achieve the highest goals.
  • Team work: encourage the attitude of working together, exchanging information, sharing knowledge and goals.
  • Continuous training : constant, frequent training is essential for a continuous opportunity for professional growth. Learning the latest industry news is strictly necessary for the Company’s success.
  • Pro-Activity: capacity to anticipate and prevent events. It is a failure to wait and solve problems only when those come; the capacity to react promptly and prevent events allows us to obtain better results and have a brighter future.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The policy of Growermetal presupposes the commitment of all those who work in the company to assume a behavior based on principles of loyalty, integrity, honesty, rigor, professional expertise and transparency, as well as compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, the market rules, the guiding principles of fair competition, the respect of the legitimate interests and expectations of customers, property, suppliers, partners and anyone in contact with the company’s activity.


For this reason, Growermetal has decided to proceed with the adoption of a document, which brings together the key principles that represent the base for the operational conduct of all the parties involved.