January 2020 – Link Magazine

In its Winter issue, the “Link Magazine – The National Magazine for Fastener Distributors” (USA) published an article about Grower TenKeep® safety washers “.

November 2019 – Fasteners + Fixing Magazine

In the November issue, the specialized magazine “Fastener+Fixing Magazine” writes about the introduction of spherical washers as well as flat washers with a conical seat according to DIN 6319 into Growermetal’s production program.

July 2019 – IL GIORNO

The Italian daily newspaper IL GIORNO, in the edition of 29/07/2019, has dedicated an article to Growermetal in its dossier Economia-Innovazione.

June 2019 – Italian Fasteners

In its issue n.75 the specialised “Italian Fasteners” is presenting Growermetal in its article ”La Fiera di Stoccarda 2019“.

May 2019 – Revista do Parafuso

In its issue n.75, the Brazilian specialised magazine “Revista do Parafuso” is presenting Growermetal
which took part in the fairs Automec (Brazil) and Fastener Fair Stuttgart (Germany).

Survey “Champions 2019”

April 2019 – We are proud to inform that Growermetal has been ranked among the 500 best performing Italian small and mid-size companies (turnover from 20 to 120 million Euros) between the years 2011-2017, according to the “Champions 2019” survey conducted by the Italian newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA in collaboration with the research centre “ItalyPost”.

May 2016 – Fastener + Fixing Magazine

in its May issue the specialised “Fastener + Fixing Magazine” announces that Growermetal has installed a new and fully automatic coating line which carries out zinc flake treatments, DELTA-PROTEKT® and DELTA-TONE®, at a high productivity level.

July 2015 – Fastener + Fixing Magazine

In its July issue the specialised “Fastener + Fixing Magazine” announces that Growermetal has signed an agreement with Nord-Lock Group for a strategic production and technical partnership.

November 2014 – Cover Story

Growermetal is the protagonist in the Cover Story of the specialized Fastener + Fixing Magazine: discovering Growermetal’ s past, present and future. Enjoy reading the article!